Suzanne Strempek Shea

December 2014 Update

Thanks so much to so many readers and good souls in general for making this such a very busy and wonderful year for me.

I’m so grateful for all the very kind interest in “This Is Paradise” and “Make a Wish But Not For Money.” And I was wowed by the turnouts during my two weeks of touring Western Massachusetts and Connecticut with Mags Riordan, founder of the Billy Riordan Memorial Clinic featured in “This Is Paradise,” back in October and early November.

“This Is Paradise” is featured in the November/December issue of Yankee Magazine as one of six books written by Yankee contributors and included in a piece titled "Where We Ought to Be," by Tim Clark, who has been the award-winning national magazine's book reviewer for two decades and who calls the book "a true story that vitalizes an Irish woman and an African village." I send big thanks to Tim Clark, and Yankee editor Mel Allen, for the interest and honor.

Mags is now back in that African village and I’m back on the road solo. I hope to see you somewhere along the way as I promote both books. If you can’t make an event and have a book you’d like signed for yourself or someone on your gift list, I’d be happy to sign a bookplate and mail it off to you. Just write me at sess7(at)

Thanks again, everyone - happy and healthy and peaceful holidays and New Year to you.


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